UPDATE November 2019

nebland software is rebranding as GridFabric and we've launched a new website gridfabric.io. Our oadrservices site (this site) will be shutting down and redirecting traffic to the GridFabric site.

Looking for a VTN?

Our Canvas VTN is offered as a cloud SaaS or self hosted. Please visit the Canvas (OADR 2.0a/b VTN) GridFabric page for more information.

The VTN virtual machine image is no longer available. Do to an overwhelming need for support and updates to the virtual machine image, we launched a cloud service to more quickly meet customer demand. Our Canvas cloud service comes with a 2 week free trial.

Looking for a VEN?

Our Plaid (OADR 2.0b VEN) provides a fast path to compliance. Our customers are able to implement NOVA from conception to compliance in weeks.

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OpenADR Software Development & Support

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nebland software can provide the following

  • Support for the OpenADR virtual machine appliance
  • Add features to the VTN and create custom API scripts to integrate with external systems
  • Answer technical questions regarding the OpenADR protocol
  • Create custom VENs in several languages including C++, Java, and C#

Development and support may be purchased in small blocks of hours below, or through contract on an hourly basis. Please contact us if you're interested in opening a contract.


Support Options

  • 2 hours technical/installation support (email only)
    @ $100.00 per hour
  • 5 hours development and technical support
    @ $175.00 per hour
  • 10 hours development and technical support
    @ $150.00 per hour

Which option should I choose?

The 2 hour support option is intended for those that:

  • Require support to install and configure the appliance
  • Would like help with a custom install of the VTN from source

In addition the items listed above, the other support options include general OpenADR support, and custom programming of a VEN or API scripts and updates to the VTN.

All support hours must be used within 3 months of purchase.